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Why Choose Vegetable Tie, Not Tape?–Twist-HD
Time flies. All people went back to their original position after the Chinese Spring Festival. And New purchasing season is coming soon. During the Spring Festival, we can find that vegetable twist ties are widely used everywhere, not only in the supermarket but also in the agriculture market.
Why twist ties are so popular now? Some websites give us answers:

SOHU Information:“At present, the tapes we have seen on the market in China are basically kinds of industrial tapes. This kind of tapes are made from industrial glue and it can not be able to pack food. To be honest, there is no food grade tape in the Mainland. In this case, binding vegetables and fruits with tape directly is not satisfied with food safety needs. Many cities in China have released special documents and those tape are forbidden to bundle vegetables. Many food hygiene experts recommend replacing the vegetables with tape without the use of adhesive-free environmentally friendly straps.”

Northeast News Network:“When buying food, the public must use environmentally-friendly vegetable ties to wrap the product. The characteristics of environmentally-friendly vegetable ties are: materials should be environmentally friendly materials, paper, and food-grade PE. The logo is clear, and the surface of the contacted vegetables is smooth and free of adhesive. The production of regular large factories is qualified by the relevant national departments, meets the requirements of GB 13113-91 national standard food packaging testing, and is in compliance with the ROHS directive.”

All these report give the answer why more vegetable packagers choose vegetable ties, not tape. In addition,more and More mainstream media reports made customers realize that the benefits of vegetable twist tie. People would like to choose vegetable which is packaged by paper twist tie rather than packaging tape. I believe that one day in the future, vegetable ties will definitely replace the tape.