Reusable Bag Ties

Nowadays, twist ties are widely used in agriculture and industry, which supply a big convenience for human lives. In agriculture, twist ties usually use to tie vegetables. What’s more, farms information can print on most of these twist ties to improve the farms’ identity. In industry, twist ties have a special name: reusable bag ties, because these twist ties can be used in many times.

Reusable twist ties have narrow width, usually 3.2mm or 4 mm. Most of them appeared with kinds of bags. Mostly, reusable twist ties divide into three classes: gang twist ties, twist ties on spool, pre-cut twist ties.


Gang Twist Ties

Gang twist ties are metal wires that are covered with plastic or paperused to help all kinds of fresh wrap-up bags, freezing bags and garbage bags. So plastic and poly bags companies will use them. These companies always use gang twist tie with their bags for convenient bag closure.



Twist Ties on Spool

Spool Twist ties, wrapping the twist tie around on a plastic reel in order. They are metal wires that are covered with plastic or plastic or metal in different colors to decorate bags like other twist tie. Twist tie on spool are used with twist tie machines. In this case, these machines have a different operating frequency but all of them are benefit to improving people’s packaging efficiency.


Pre-cut Twist Ties

Some candy and bread factories are used to using pre-cut twist tie to tie their products. The length of twist tie is depend on customers requirement. But, there are some regular length for pre-cut twist tie: 8cm, 9cm and 10cm. What’s more, they will pack in a transparent opp bag with 1000 pieces or in a paper box with 2000 pieces. Of course, these twist ties in bags or in boxes are also appeared in the store for resale. Many small bakeries would rather pick it in the store.