Big discount in double eleven carnival-Twist-HD

Do you know the biggest shopping carnival in china? Yes, it is double eleven carnival hosted by alibaba corporation.

Do you know the history of double eleven carnival? It firstly means single days for single people because it can divide into two ones. But Taobao made an internet discount activity on double eleven on 2009. And then, the double eleven had become a shopping carnival. Let’s review some records for double eleven carnival. Taobao made a total 1,000,000,000rmb only on double eleven in 2010 which shocked all of us. And it became more shocked in 2011. 100,000,000rmb had been dealt only for eight minutes on double eleven. Since then, more and more online platform use double eleven carnival to make a big discount to get a high business volume.

This year, our factory will try to join this double carnival. We will offer some twist ties for a 50% discount. This activity will hold on 11/11/2018. All customers will be able to use less money to try our twist ties. Vegetable twist ties will be the hottest products in our factory. You can have a try to use vegetable twist ties instead of ordinary ties to make your vegetable fresher and safety. You can get double quantity twist ties with only one money. Trial orders will be accepted if you are interested in. you can get an online chat or send emails to get more details. You can also visit our web to get more information. Welcome to visit our web.