About HD

—Biggest twist tie manufacturer in China

Zhenjiang hongda commodity co., ltd (used name Zhenjiang hongda packaging products co.,ltd) is the leading manufacture in china specialized in the production of various kinds of high quality twist ties which was established in 1998. Our products sell all over the world.

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About HD

Zhenjiang Hongda commodity co., ltd ...

Team Spirit

Being Sincere and Creditable, Innovating...

Business Scope

USA. Europe, Canada, South-east Asia...

Our Factory

Our factory is about 4000m² - biggest twist tie manufacturer in China!


We have six sales and about 100 workers which can make sure the order can be finished in a short time...
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Our Equipment

We have printing equipment, cutting equipment, and others which make sure we can do customized orders...
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 Our Workshop

We have 16 lines which make sure that we can export about 10-12 20" containers per a month ....
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 Our Warehouse

We have more than 20 warehouse shelves which make sure that our goods are put in line and make the warehouse clean...
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Welcome Mr.Rex Pierik visit our factory

May 8, 2018

In May 8, 2018, Mr Rex Pierik came to visit our factory. And we talked about the products for bakery packaging response to the the new trends. ..


Zhenjiang Hongda 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

May 31, 2018

Our company held a tourism to Zhejiang on the first and second week in June with our colleagues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Zhenjiang Hongda Commodity Co., Ltd.


New Product-Honda Tin tie with stickers on both sides

May 12, 2018
Our adhesive tin tie reinforced with two straight wires. And covered with kraft paper and self-adhesive tape. The recent model is 18mm wide.


New Product-Label Twist Tie

Dec 12, 2017

Label twist ties are mainly used in bunching vegetables and labeling agriculture product with twist ties. It is most popular in North America, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. It is a great step forward in convenience and saving the time.


Hongda Twist Tie - New Equipment for Rolling Tie

Zhenjiang Honda Twist Tie - New Equipment for Rolling Tie

This is the new equipment created by Zhenjiang Honda Twist Tie which can produce roll twist ties with the core for 12cm diameter and 22cm height.
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Q & A

We have marked the MOQ for each product.

Yes, you can. We supply both customized products and packaging.

Q:How about your ordinary delivery period?
Usually in 15 days.

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